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best nootropic supplements

Best Nootropics Supplements

So, just what are nootropics? A nootropics definition is either a supplement or a medical drug. Nootropics are used to improve cognitive functioning, well-being, improve emotions, concentration, focus, learning. So basically if one had to define nootropic, it is a supplement used to improve brain functioning and any activity which involves the process of cognition and reasoning.

There are a wide variety of nootropics both created by man and grown in nature. Most are derived from a plant source.In the past, people have been led to believe you are either born a genius or your aren’t. People have also heard most of use only use 10-20% of our brain functioning capability. With the recently popular movie “Limitless”, we were introduced to the world of NZT-48. (obviously a dreamer’s holy grail of nootropics).

Nootropics may not make you a genius overnight but over time they can definetly give you a much clearer and focused awareness. I believe nootropics create a domino effect. They can improve your brain power so you can analyse and improve every other area of your life – nutrition, health, fitness, relationships, business, creativity etc.

Improve Memory and Brain Function

Throughout the centuries mankind has been striving to attain higher ground, more power, and an all round better living. Over the last few decades nootropics have become an increasing popularity for those seeking a quicker path or an edge over others. We all know how coffee keeps us focused and allows us to stay with the game so to speak. However, few people have actually heard of the term  – nootropics.

If you to ask someone if they used any nootropics, their reply would be – what is a nootropic. I certainly get that a lot when I suggest to people the benefits of them. Brain function supplements, brain enhancing supplements, brain supplement, mood enhancing supplement, mood enhancer, improve memory supplements and smart drug; are just a few of the terms I’ve heard from those in the know. Even if they don’t call them nootropics they are aware of these nutraceuticals to improve brain function.

What is the Best Nootropic

As you can imagine this is a common question; but is not easily answered. New nootropics are being created every year. Obviously there is a market for people wanting the strongest and most powerful nootropics. This may not be the right answer in general. However, on a personal level the question -  What are the best nootropic supplements for me? can produce a more accurate result. People need to know how they want to improve – what area in life. This could be for study, learning, focused work or performing better at the gym and on the field or improved mood in a social surrounding or to help with stress and anxiety or just to help burn fat by increasing metabolism. These are all areas where nootropics can help you improve your desired outcome or goal. Each nootropic is either similar or different to other nootropics. This site will supply you with a wide variety of available nootropics and their definition, dosage recommendations and where to buy them. So, asking ‘What is the best nootropic’ will require you to do some research and discover for yourself the most appropriate one to choose or several if you want synergy. I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful.

How and Where to buy Nootropics

Considering the benefits from using Nootropics comes from ongoing long term use; it makes sense to buy in bulk amounts if possible. This is a method which I use. It saves me money but not nessecarily time. When purchasing Nootropics in bulk, you need to be able to measure out each nootropic supplement dosage for each day. One piece of equipment you will need is a mg sensitive set of scales; you can purchase these online at very reasonable prices. Chances are you also have a morning stack and an evening stack. This can take time and can also become a hassle if you get bored of measureing out your supplements each day. What I do to get around this is to spend about 1hr a week and measure out morning and evening stacks for the whole seven day week. I put on some inspirational music get my nootropics list with dosages and get some inspirational music going and just get in the zone of measuring out my supps. I can stay motivated by doing it this way because I know of the long term benefit of what I’m doing. This way, my nootropics are there to use when I need them and I don’t need to sit down each day and measure out a whole heap of supps. Obviously you can imagine these supplements come in powder form if you buy in bulk. It pays to have labeled air- tight containers to keep them in.

For those that are either lazy or have very little time to spare; either way its all good. There are certain sources I use for nootropic stacks that are supplied by companies in capsule form. Bottled capsules are a very easy and convenient way to take your nootropics. You don’t need any equipment or skill in measureing out your supps each time you want to take them. A benefit from purchasing bottled nootropic products is that the stacks are designed for a general overall purpose. If you want custom stacks then you will have to create your own. There are some great stack products on the market. I use and recommend Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. Alpha Brain is a cutting edge nootropic stack designed for success in modern life. Another stack by Onnit is New Mood. New Mood is designed for night usage. Allowing you to be calm and unwind easily. Allowing you to sleep peacefully and awaken fresh. There are also many other good nootropics for sale; check out the nootropics list for descriptions and where to buy nootorpics.

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