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Safest Nootropic Supplements of 2018

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Safest Nootropic Supplements


Safest Nootropic Supplements | The big question about Nootropic supplements is whether or not they’re safe. To this day that question remains unanswered as long-term effects cannot be determined yet. However, today we’re going to look into what makes up the safest Nootropic supplements. The term Nootropic ranges from minor substances such as B-vitamins to more experimental types such as Piracetam, otherwise known as the smart drug.

Before we dive into what makes Nootropic supplements safe, we want to make sure you have a good understanding of what Nootropics actually are. Originating in Belgium in 1972 a chemist and psychologist named, Corneliu Giurgea, coined the term “Nootropic”.


– Corneliu Giurgea invested Nootropics in 1972 –


Nootropic supplements refer to anything which enhancing your learning and general cognition. Defined by Giurgea, a Nootropic supplement must enhance the resistance of learned behaviors and what affects them. Nootropics work to protect the brain against harmful physical injury and abusive chemicals. In addition, these so-called “smart drugs” are designed to increase the overall efficiency of your brain functions.

Furthermore, decrease the dependency on pharmaceuticals and other prescribed medication. By taking a holistic approach you minimize Nootropics are generally non-toxic making them by not by definition a safer alternative to most. Many people Nootropics and cognitive enhancers, the difference is when we look at drugs such as Adderall. there is no doubt that medicine such as Adderall assist in improving Focus call Performance they do have many side effects such as sleeping problems dizziness blurred vision and insomnia.

overall nootropics rename hold a high level of safety, in order for a substance to fall under this category both improve cognition while maintaining low toxicity levels. here are the top five safest nootropic supplements on the market today and what makes them work.


Top 5 Safest Nootropic Supplements



Leading off our list we have Piracetam. why is this on the list? because this is one of the first nootropic supplements ever made. invented back in 1964 by Giurgea, today in the states it is a widely used dietary supplement. Piracetam is commonly referred to as the ‘smart drug’, a compound made from Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, and Phenylpiracetam or otherwise known as racetams. Racetams affect your neurotransmitters that control your learning and memory functions.

products sold today are not FDA-approved, there have been many studies conducted and have shown proven success for Piracetam use as a dietary supplement. we can confidently say that Piracetam is one of safest Tropic supplements available today.

Alpha GPC Choline Supplements

There are many effective products on the market today most can be found on websites like Amazon. here are the top three products you could most benefit from. First, we have a product from Doublewood Supplements. Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of choline this mean the crosses the blood-brain barrier is more easily than supplements such as Citicoline and Choline Bitartrate. Furthermore, this product has stellar reviews from almost a thousand customers, Alpha GPC has great effects on improving your cognitive functions.


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Alpha GPC Choline Supplement facts