Most frequent questions and answers

By definition the word Nootropic refers to a classification of chemical compounds to enhance memory and many other functions of the human brain. Nootropic supplements are comprised of both natural and man-made substances to further improve cognition. There are several benefits to Nootropic Supplements, here is just a short list.

  1. Minimal Side Effects: Nootropic supplements hold little to no side effects. In addition Nootropics are deemed to be virtually non-toxic.
  2. Protects Your Brain: Anticholinergic drugs like Benadryl can have adverse effects on your brain. Nootropic supplements help to further protect your neuronal firing controls.
  3. Calms Mind State: Assists in balancing yourself during unstable conditions to help the brain function more efficiently. Furthermore, Nootropics aim to increase alertness and self-awareness.
  4. Increase Brain Functions: Nootropics can give you increased focus, leading to enhanced memory and an overall willingness to learn.

Nowadays there is a large spectrum of what is deemed Nootropic and what is not. The general message behind these secret brain “drugs” is to simply strive to get better as a human by unlocking as much potential as you possibly can. 

The range of Nootropic supplements ranges widely, and most not regulated. Most states consider Nootropics to be “dietary”. Mostly all supplements are legal as you can find many on Amazon.

To this day this remains unanswered. The practice of aggressive cognitive supplements are still to new to genuinely know the long-term effects. There is no doubt that in certain situations Nootropic Supplements have had proven success, but the time frame still remains unclear.