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best nootropic supplementsNatural Nootropics

Also referred to as smart drugs, neuro enhancers, memory enhancers, intelligence enhancers and cognitive enhancers, Nootropics are basically supplements and functional foods that help to boost your mental faculties and especially memory.  Some of the body functions that are improved through the use of nootropics include intelligence, motivation, memory, attention, cognition and concentration.  The word is coned from a Greek term that basically means to turn or bend.  These products work by altering the function of the neurochemicals supply to the brain.  This is achieved by improving the supply of Oxygen to the brain cells together with the stimulation of nerve growth.

The use of nootropics vs. cognitive enhancers

In as much as nootropics are in the form of cognitive enhancers which are extremely non-toxic and neuro-protective, cognitive enhancers on the other hand are supplements, drugs, nutraceuticals and body functional foods that are used for purposes of enhancing memory and attention control.

The Natural nootropics criteria

  •    Enhance memory and learning
  •    Protect the brain from chemical of physical injury
  •    Help to enhance learned behaviors
  •    Help to exhibit tonic cortical control mechanisms
  •    They might exhibit some few side effects but they are less toxic

Many people around the world today are seeking ways through which they can be able to enhance their thought and mental processes.  Many of them love to do crossword puzzles so as to boost the functions of and growth of brain neurons.  In as much as many people out there might argue that if you do not make active use of your brain all the time you might end up unable to retain memories or have very sharp cognitive abilities, there are many natural substances such as natural nootropic herbs which can help to make sure that you brain is working as desired.

If you have been using prescription drugs for purposes of memory and brain function enhancement, perhaps this might be a mind turner for you.  Although many people might want to argue that natural nootropics are hard to find and that they can be quite expensive, once you have started making use of them, you would most definitely find out that they are a great help to you.  If you want to improve your memory, attention and cognitive abilities, it would be a good idea to adopt the use of natural supplements such as nootropics.   The good thing with natural nootropics is that you can consume them easily with food. You will also find that some food manufacturers include them as ingredients.

The best brain enhancers are found in natural foods

Perhaps this is a fact that you have to get right into your brain.  When it comes to natural nootropics, there are various categories of brain and cognitive function enhancers in that category.  Cholinergics, for instance, are intended to help neurotransmitters that are found in the brain.  Most of the drugs that are found in this category are prescription type and therefore not the best option for you. However, Lecithin, which is the only natural drug, is completely safe for human use and moreover you can conveniently purchase it from the local stores in granular form. You will mostly buy this product in a bar of your choice.

If you can get some granules of lecithin and sprinkle them on your food, that will go a long way to enhance the functions of your brain and boost your cognitive abilities. Remember that you just need to use a tablespoon of the substance and it will go a long way to offer you the kind of benefits you are looking for.  Once you start using this product, you can rest assured that your mental faculties and functions would be boosted a great deal. Many young people around the world today are using lecithin which is a part of natural nootropic herbs. If you are the kind of person that loves to deal with creative works, these are the kind of products that you cannot choose to overlook. Nootropics would not only boost your mental and cognitive faculties, but will also ensure that your brain becomes useful to you for a longer period of time.

Dopaminergics are also an important kind of drugs that are categorized under natural nootropics. They also affect you nervous system and therefore might be a good choice if you want to boost your mental faculties. Most of the people who have used this product before see it as a safe option mainly because it is made up of all natural constituents.  There are some prescription supplements categorized under Dopaminergics like the l-dopa. However , a good number of these are natural nootropics. In that case therefore, you can easily buy such kinds of brain function enhancement products from the local food stores in your town.  Tyrosine is one of the major food substances in this category that you would find in the market. If you experience disturbed sleep and want to feel relaxed whenever you are sleeping, this is the kind of product that you need to start using.

In as much as natural nootropics are a great alternative, many people out there still choose to go with hard prescription drugs. If you fall into that category of people, you are probably just being misguided. If you want to enjoy the best sleep, you can make use of these natural herbs that apart from helping in enhancing brain functions they also help to ensure that you sleep much better. Vitamin C is a major constituent in most of the natural nootropics that you would find out there today.

Serotonergics just as the name suggests help to boost the production of serotonin and therefore help to eradicate the effects of depression.  There are many kinds of nootropics that you can expect to find under this category. Tryptophan is a product sourced from bananas and turkey. If you need to get a relaxed feeling that that generally helps you to feel much better about yourself, this is the kind of a product that you cannot choose to overlook. Many mental health experts around the world would recommend that you eat such kinds of foods each day in order to improve the functions of your brain.

Adaptogenics are also another category of natural nootropics and herbs.  Just as the name suggests, these can prevent severe depression.  The most common type of supplement found under this category is Ginseng. It is quite common in many health food stores. You do not have to keep using prescription drugs anymore when in the real sense you have got a large collection of natural supplements to choose from. If you are committed to enhancing the functions of your brain, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right natural products out there that can help you a lot.

The brain is one of the parts of your body that you cannot do without. If you are able to handle the many responsibilities at work with lots of effectiveness, you can give all thanks to a normal functioning brain.  The brain, just like any other part of the body is controlled by hormones and neurons.  Again, you need to make sure that you are eating right just to make sure that your brain maintains optimal functions.

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