Hunter Focus Review

Hunter Focus is a relative newcomer in the nootropic world, but that hasn’t stopped it turning heads so far.

Nootropics have come to be the brain boosting supplement everybody from athletes to office workers are after. Because of the recent sudden increase in demand, this market is buzzing and full of noise.

Hunter Focus doesn’t struggle to be heard, though, despite only entering the field late 2018. This is mainly because it was developed as a top-tier nootropic for high-achieving CEOs, industry leaders, and intense thinkers. The brain hacking world quickly became intrigued.

In this Hunter Focus review, we intend to study the nutrient profile of Hunter Focus to see how it measures up to its claims. We’ll also investigate what it can offer and if it’s the right nootropic for you.

Hunter Focus Review

What are Nootropics, and do you need them?

Put plainly, nootropics are supplements created to enhance cognitive performance. Their intention is to boost your brain power, including how well you can learn, memorize and maintain focus.

Other names for nootropics include; smart drugs, memory enhancers, and brain boosters. They’re said to work by protecting neurons inside the brain from being harmed by aging and toxins. Enhanced attention span and memory improvements are supposedly due to neuron stimulation, alongside better blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

Interestingly, many foods are considered natural nootropics. However, supplements such as Hunter Focus look to deliver specific amounts of these certain beneficial nutrients in one package

As with any supplement, quality can play a pivotal part in the potential effectiveness these capsules and powders.

How should Hunter Focus boost brain power?

Whenever someone turns to a nootropic supplement, they expect improved cognitive function. But, understanding how this can benefit their lifestyle can be complicated given how many products are available.

So, to sidestep any confusion, we’ll outline how Hunter Focus looks to boost your brain power. Here’s the objective.

Increases capacity to learn

Parts of Hunter Focus are proven to strengthen signals from one neuron to the other. As a result, users may learn and store new information better.

Better attention and focus

Certain ingredients in this nootropic have been shown to amplify brain signals and brainwaves. In turn, this should give users a sharpened attention span and focus.

Enhanced memory

Those previously mentioned stronger signals should help your brain make new memories. You should also find it easier to recall information too.

Reduces stress

Hunter Focus doesn’t try to just make you better at learning or faster off the draw, but calmer and more relaxed too. Some ingredients are there to help you stay measured and focused during high-pressure situations.

Helps brain health

Certain ingredients have also been added to benefit brain health and maintenance. Two of their proven functions are to fuel brain cell regeneration, as well as keeping neuron signals firing optimally. In short, there are components included in Focus specifically for longevity.

What are nootropics

How does Hunter Focus work?

Like we said above, Hunter Focus was created to boost brain performance by providing various beneficial nutrients to bring about the five factors we’ve just discussed. To get a closer insight, we’ll break down the Hunter Focus formula.

Attention, learning, recall, and memory are all approached by a multitude of ingredients. Lion’s Mane Mushroom, for example, promotes brain plasticity, whereas Citicoline can increase attention by improving membrane formation. Memory and sharpness are also backed up by the likes of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Phosphatidylserine too.

Other ingredients such as L-Theanine, should help users feel calm and alert. This feeling of harmonious focus should also be supported by Ashwagandha too, which not only lifts mood, but can enhance recall.

Passion Flower is another Hunter Focus ingredient intended to lower stress while amplifying focus. As the name suggests, this seems to be a key component of the Hunter Focus agenda, to make you sharp, yet relaxed and centered.

For a more detailed look into the working parts of Hunter Focus we’ll inspect its main ingredients.

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Hunter Focus – the ingredients

Before embarking into each ingredient let’s outline what Hunter Burn offers as a complete package:

  • All-natural – no ingredients are synthetic chemicals, allowing for potentially higher absorption rates
  • No filler ingredients – each nutrient inside this supplement is included in potent amounts, leaving no room for wasteful, filler ingredients
  • Streamlined formula – Hunter Burn only contains nine ingredients, which allows for much more powerful serving sizes
  • Potency – every ingredient is added in high quantities

As a first impression, Hunter Burn appears to be a well thought out nootropic. There are no alarming serving sizes, filler ingredients, or unnatural chemicals. The formula itself is streamlined too, meaning quantities haven’t been sacrificed at the expense of adding more ingredients.

Again, nine ingredients might not be the most we’ve seen, but it allows for bigger serving sizes. For us, Hunter Burn is one of the most generously served nootropic on the market.

Here is a breakdown of the main players inside Hunter Focus.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Certain compounds found inside Lions Mane Mushroom have been shown to help the brain produce more nerve growth factor (NGF), which defends and repairs nerves.

Interestingly, Lions Mane is proven to have other benefits too. One of these is promoting brain plasticity, which improves memory and learning. The second is reducing stress to help users stay calm and composed under pressure.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha has been proven to repair and renew the axons and dendrites in the brain. In turn, this can help to enhance and regenerate memory.

Research shows that Ashwagandha raises the amount of choline in the brain. As a result; mood, motivation, and recall can all be improved.

One study even stated that 300mg of Ashwagandha had the power to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) by 27.9% after 60 days of use. This is the exact same amount found in a full dose of Hunter Focus.


Ingesting Citicoline kickstarts a process that strengthens signals between neurons. Memory, attention, recall, and learning could all be boosted as a result.

Another result of this process is the protection and repair of brain cells. According to one study, Citicoline caused a 26% increase in membrane formation, and a 13.6% rise in brain energy.


NALT is an amino acid your brain utilizes for dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine production. Memory, focus, and problem solving are all promoted by these important neurotransmitters. According to one study, NALT can also be effective for fighting fatigue after long hours of being awake .


Commonly found in pre-workout supplements and naturally in green tea, L-Theanine allows users to simultaneously experience a sense of calm and alertness.

Scientists believe this amino acid to boost imagination unveiling alpha brainwaves. Creativity, problem solving, and idea forming could be improved from L-Theanine supplementation.

Hunter Focus’ formula is also bolstered by; Passion Flower, Bacopa, Phosphatidylserine, and Maritime Pine Bark. Much like the five previously mentioned ingredients, these could work to enhance your cognitive power and give you a mental edge.

Frequently asked questions

Nootropics are all about altering how well your brain performs. Naturally, a lot of users are going to have questions about products before they try them. To help you find out if Hunter Focus is for you, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Is Hunter Focus safe?

We couldn’t do a Hunter Focus review without covering safety and the good news is when we checked the Hunter Focus formula, we didn’t see anything alarming. All the ingredients are natural, they’re free from chemicals, and there aren’t any proprietary blends. For us, these are all reassuring marks for potential safety.

Another thing we noticed was that there aren’t any mega-doses that could cause issues. Furthermore, fillers aren’t an issue, as each capsule is packed to the brim with the nine ingredients shown. Again, we see this as a sign of both safety and quality.

Of course, we haven’t tested Hunter Focus under lab conditions. Therefore, we can’t say outright that it is totally safe for all people. If you’re in doubt, have any new supplement checked by your doctor.

Are there any Hunter Focus side effects?

Given the all-natural ingredient profile and serving sizes you shouldn’t see side effects from using Hunter Focus. Again, there are no hidden proprietary blends covering up harmful chemicals, and there aren’t any mega-doses in the mixture.

Like we said above, we haven’t tested Hunter Focus under lab conditions. As a result, we can only say the risk of side effects should be very small.

What if I don’t like Hunter Focus?

One apprehension people have about buying a new supplement is that they might not like it. When it’s your money on the line, this can easily play on your mind.

Fortunately, there is a 90-day guarantee attached to Hunter Focus. This is valid on the biggest bundle.

If you feel that Hunter Focus hasn’t worked for you after 90 days of taking it as directed, you can contact the manufacturer for a refund. We feel this inspires confidence in the Hunter Focus formula, and takes a lot of the risk out of the equation for a buyer.

Does Hunter Focus contain any stimulants?

Hunter Focus does not contain any stimulants.

How do I take Hunter Focus?

Hunter Focus comes in capsule form. Users are told to take two, double capsule servings throughout the day. That’s four capsules every 24 hours by taking two at breakfast and two at lunch.

In terms of longevity, it’s recommended you supplement with Hunter Focus consistently. Some of the results referenced in this review have been seen after prolonged exposure to certain ingredients.


The ingredients inside Hunter Focus certainly add up to a robust nootropic. Each of the nine nutrients has scientific references supporting its effects, and they complement all the others in the formula.

We feel that Hunter Focus is an excellent choice for those in looking for an up-market nootropic. Hunter developed this product with ambitious, busy, high-achievers in mind, and their ingredient choice homes in on the cognitive traits these people need.

If taken for a prolonged period and as recommended, Hunter Focus could provide the mental edge it promises. We are confident suggesting it as one of the top nootropics in the field.

Hunter Focus Review

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