Facts About The Brain

Interesting Facts About The Brain

Maintaining a healthy brain is important. If we take the best care of our brain and other parts of our body, they should serve us to have a good life for a long time. You will surprised what our brain is capable of and how complex it is.

The brain is the most important organ in our body as it makes everything in our body work properly. Here are some facts about just how important it is:

1. Oxygen is vital to our brain. Your brain needs huge amount of oxygen to live. Although your brain only occupies two percent of the total weight of your body. It requires twenty percent of the oxygen and calories from your body.

This is why people will often go out to “get some fresh air”, to clear their mind and focus.

2. The brain controls every part in our body. The communication between the brain and neurons travel at different speeds, this is why sometimes you will find you are able to recall information in an instant, but sometimes you will need a little longer.

There are three major classes of neurons. A) The Sensory neurons are for odor, sound, vision, taste, touch, etc. B) The Inter-neurons are neurons located between our brain and spinal cord. C) The Motor neurons: Which sends impulses from our central nervous system to glands and muscles.

3. Water is an essential element in our life. Our body weight is made up of 50-60% water but the brain needs even more, its weight is around the 80% mark, that’s why it’s important to stay hydrated.

It takes only 2% dehydration to start affecting your brain. So, whenever possible, you should keep yourself hydrated.

4. The brain has great capacity. It can store everything. Theoretically, our brain can store everything we experience, read, hear or see. But, to recall it all is another issue. How much information you can access from your brain is depend on how healthy your brain is.

To put it simply, our brain is like a computer. The long-term memory is like our hard-disk drive to save information for future use. The short-term memory contains information like the RAM in our computer. The information is for temporary use.

5. There is a misconception that your brain is more active in the daytime than at night-time. The reality is when your body is at rest, your brain is more active at certain stage. For humans, there are two main phases in your sleep.

A) Non-REM sleep: You experience it at the start of your sleep, i.e becoming tired, heart-rate & breathing slows.

B) REM sleep: It is when you occupied by your dreams in the later part of the night. The Non-REM sleep period is for your brain to rest in the recovery.

Nowadays, new research has shown that brain is more active in the night-time when you are dreaming.

6. Our brain can process pain signals. Our nervous system has two main parts: namely the spinal cord and brain. They are the central nervous system in our body.

The peripheral nervous is system made up of the motor nerves and sensory. They are distributed in all different areas of our body to carry out their own duties. The brain requires them to send and acknowledge the pain information. Then, the brain will decide on what are the required actions.

7. Will 10 watts of power be enough for your brain to operate? You only need around 10 watts for the astonishing computation and processing power of your brain to operate. In terms of calories, this is around 200 calories to power it.

8. When you are growing up, your brain will change shape. It will not fully develop until you turn 18, this is due to the part of your brain that regulates reasoning and logic developing first before the part that regulates your emotions and impulses develops later.


So as you can see, the brain plays a huge part in everything we do, even when we’re asleep.

It’s important to keep your brain active and your body hydrated to ensure a long and happy life. You can also give your brain a boost by supplementing with Nootropics.

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