Nootropics Side Effects

Nootropics Side Effects

When created back in the 1970s one of the criteria stated that Nootropics should have little or no side effects. With the key goal being to enhance the health of your brain, it was deemed that any substance that had significant side effects should not be classed as a Nootropic.

Most people could not accept some of the “Smart Drugs” (eg. Adderall) as Nootropics as they were likely to cause side effects. Yet, the Nootropics on today’s market are not all free from side effects. Some of these Nootropics give you some benefits along with some side effects. These may affect the day-to-day function of your life, so you should understand what the potential side effects are. This should then give you the information you need to choose the right Nootropic for you.

Most Common Side Effects:

1) Depletion of Neurotransmission

Nootropics are thought to be able to enhance neurotransmission, but over time, usage of the drug will deplete the neurotransmitters as your body gets used to it. You take it to create the neurotransmitters and maintain normal cognitive functions but once you stop taking Nootropics, your body needs sometimes to readjust itself.

2) Migraines or Headaches

One of the most likely side effects is having headaches when you are taking Nootropics the first time. It makes sense when you think about it because you are asking your brain to work harder than it normally would. Your brain produces and releases more neurotransmitters to communicate between neurons in your brain and as a result, your brain will have to work harder than before.

If your stack of Nootropics includes a choline supplement, you can reduce the potential of headaches. Alternatively, you buy a Nootropic supplement with choline supplements as part of its ingredients. Choline is essential for both brain health and function. It also offers benefits like learning and memory improvements.

3) Dependence on Nootropics

For a long-term usage of Nootropics, one can become dependent on Nootropics. If you take Nootropics to study, perform routine cognitive related tasks or taking tests, you may feel you are no longer able to complete the above tasks without Nootropics.

A Nootropic should not make you addicted to it. But, you may become used to taking Nootropics to perform better. You willmay find yourself not willing to stop in achieving a higher goal.

4) Your body crashes

Nootropics are just like any other drug; they can produce benefits for the short term with drawbacks in the long term. For example, when you take caffeine as a stimulant to boost your cognition for the short term, it can cause you to crash shortly thereafter.

Thus, when you are using Nootropics, you should always remember to keep in touch with the natural rhythms of your body. You shouldn’t try to push yourself way over the limit your body can take. Nootropics should not used to keep going for days without stopping, it should only be used to enhance the natural performance of your body.

5) Stomach upsets

Stomach upsets are not as common as headaches. Some Nootropics users reported stomach upsets when having extra high dosages of Nootropics. You should increase dosages at a slow pace to reduce the likelihood of having stomach upsets and should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Nootropics are intended to enhance your brain with many cognitive benefits but you should look at the above possible side effects before taking it. If you are in doubt, you should consult with your doctors before making your final decision.

When you decide to buy Nootropics from a website, do some research and make sure the company is reputable. Alternatively, you can check out our list of recommended Nootropics, all from reputable companies.

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